How best to use our services


We try to provide the best service possible and are very grateful to our patients and our PPG members in giving their feedback of the areas they found good and the areas that could be improved.


Though it can be difficult to please everyone, we try our best with the resources and capabilities we have. We collect information from several sources: comments, suggestions, complaints, PPG members and Patient Survey results. From these sources we try to identify themes that are common and put forward solutions that will reduce those difficulties and allow patients to better use our services and other community services that may be of benefit.


The main themes identified are the following:


1. Difficult to get though on the phone

2. Unable to get an appointment

3. Submitting prescriptions and collecting them

4. Unable to get evening or weekend appointments


The following are a few suggestions on how to get the best from the surgery:


1. Go Online - use our online services


We have 6 telephone lines at the practice, they can get busy especially in the morning and the afternoon. The average telephone call profile for a day is shown below:

























It can be frustrating waiting on the phone to book or cancel an appointment.

It can also be inconvenient to come to the surgery to drop off a repeat prescription request or call to see if they have been processed.


Online Access gives patients access to their medical record, the ability to book, check and cancel appointments, and submit and review repeat prescription request. All of this can be done 24 hours a day 7 days a week from any internet connected device.


We have several channels (Patient Access, MyGP smartphone app) for our patients to use, other than the telephone and for those that are able we would encourage them to use these online services as they may find them more convenient.


We have several types of appointments at the surgery.


Routine Appointments

We have routine appointments that can be booked up to 4 weeks in advance.

For patients with long term conditions or those that plan their healthcare needs in advance to fit their schedules these appointments can be used.

They are also there to plan the immunisation of children and scheduled campaigns such as cervical smears and cancer reviews.


Book on the Day appointments

For patients that require an appointment on the day, we have "Book on the Day" appointments. 40% of all appointments are available to be booked on the day, they are offered on a first come, first served basis and the appointments open at 8am and 2pm each day.


Emergency Clinician

We have an emergency clinician to meet the needs of our vulnerable patients, the elderly and children that are poorly. They also deal with urgent requests on the day. The reception staff will ask for details so that they can be recorded and the clinician will triage the calls and call the patient back in priority order.


Evening & Weekend Hub Appointments

For patients that wish to be seen in the evenings or the weekends, we have hub services in Sutton that are open until 8pm each evening and on Saturday and Sunday between 8am and 8pm. Please ask reception if you are interested in these appointments and they can book an appointment at one of the hub services in Sutton.



2. Use local community resources


Not all problems need to be seen by a GP at the surgery.



Local Pharmacists are a great resource for giving advice on minor health issues, coughs and colds and medication queries. Most pharmacists also do medication usage reviews and offer stop smoking advice and flu clinics. They can also manage your repeat prescriptions ordering and may also be able to deliver medications to your home. Please visit your local pharmacy to see what services they can offer you.


Extended Hour Hubs

If you would like evening or weekend appointments with a GP or nurse that has access to your medical record then please use the Sutton Hubs. Our patients are able to see a GP in the evenings up to 8pm and on the weekends 8am - 8pm if it is more convenient for them. Just call the surgery and ask for a hub appointment or call 07578 813 838 on the weekend.




NHS111 is the out of hours service used by the practice. When the surgery is closed you can call NHS111 by dialling 111 and seek advice or assistance. Please do not wait overnight or across the weekend just to call the surgery in the morning, please call NHS111 when out of hours.


Sutton Uplift

Our personal wellbeing is key to keeping us healthy, the Sutton Uplift service offers many services to help patients and is a free service that accepts self referrals. Further information can be found at http://suttonuplift.co.uk/.


3. Choose the right type of clinician


We have many different types of clinicians at the surgery and when you call the surgery, our reception staff may ask you the reason for your call. Please try to let them know so they can direct you to the most appropriate member of staff.


For blood tests, an appointment with the phlebotomist should be arranged but we have had patients book with a nurse and a doctor for these; please let the reception staff know the reason for your appointment so they can direct you to the right clinician.


For patients with long term conditions like Diabetes, Asthma, COPD, hypertension, we ask that they book with our specialist nurses so that they can monitor their conditions and give them advice. Nurses manage more patients with these conditions at the surgery than the doctors, leaving the doctors free for more complex cases.


Childhood immunisations, flu jabs, dressings and wound management are done by nurses, they have much more experience in these procedures and it is best to book appointments with them.


At the practice we have an emergency clinician available. This clinician is primarily for our vulnerable patients; the elderly and children. If there is an urgent need, the reception staff will ask details so that they can be communicated and the clinician able to triage the priority of the calls. Please do not be offended if the reception staff ask you to provide details as they are only trying to help by collecting the information. The clinician will call the patient back and may ask them to come into the surgery to be seen. Please ensure that you provide your contact number and stay by the phone for the clinician to call.


4. Plan your visit


When coming to the surgery for an appointment, please plan your visit.


Try to arrive on time and think of the problem you wish to discuss. Try to limit this to the most significant problem that you have. You should discuss your issue and be happy with your consultation. If you are unhappy then let the clinician know the reason so you can work together to find a solution. When coming for routine checks like Diabetes, Asthma or COPD, please bring any devices that you use to the appointment. For Diabetic checks it is always best to get a blood test 1 week before the appointment.


5. Be satisfied


It is important that you are happy with your care and if you have any concerns, comments or complaints then please let a member of staff know or ask to speak the administrator or manager. Our patients are at the centre of our service and we will try to deliver a service that meets the needs of all our patients.


6. Get involved


Being one of our patients and providing feedback through comments and surveys is a great contribution, but if you would like to do more; like help others, make decisions on the services we offer, influence the services that are available in Sutton or be a champion for a group of patients, then please consider joining our Patient Participation Group.


The Patient Participation Group works with the practice to give the perspective of our patients. It is a very valuable role and one that we take very seriously. Our PPG members have made several significant changes in the practice for the benefit of other patients, they have represented us at Sutton PRG meetings to influence the services in Sutton and they have made relationships with community organisations that have been able to help many of our patients. If you would like to get involved, please complete the application in the Patient feedback section of our website.