FACCINI HOUSE SURGERY appointment statistics

Data collected from the clinical system regarding appointments and waiting times


This table shows the number of appointments provided by the practice



NHS guidance is 77 appts/week/1000 patients. We have 5600 patients. (77/1000)* 5600 = 431 appts per week, 1869 appts per month

Appointments per month


We are still providing more appointments than NHS guidelines and have made changes to allow patients to access our services remotely. Telephone and video consultations are used, but when needed patients are invited in for Face/Face appointments.

This table shows amount of time in days between an appointment and the day it was booked.


The average wait time for appointments is around 62% seen within 5 days. We note that our invitations are prompting patients to book appointments using our online services for appointments beyond 10 days.

71% of all appointments were booked within 10 days.


This table shows the number of appointments where patients did not turn up or cancel to allow others to use them


DNA Record

We note that our DNA trend has continues but we note that as we have been open to Face/Face appointments throughout the pandemic we still have none attenders and have seen an increase as more Face/Face appointments have been made available due to the success of the COVID vaccination programme.


Updated March 2022