You Said ... We did


December 2019


We regularly review patient comments, suggestions, complaints and survey results and try to deliver services that meet the needs of all our patients.


You said ...

We Did....

“We have difficulty getting through on the phone in the morning to book appointments and query results”
  • We promote Online Access available online 24/7

  • We also promote the NHS GP smartphone app available online 24/7

  • Online appointments are available to book 24 hours a day / 7 days a week

  • You can manage appointments much easier with online access.

  • We request that calls for queries are made between 12 and 2 pm.

  • We advertise and request patients to use the out of hours service (111) rather than wait all night to contact the surgery

“When can I pick up my prescription?”
  • We have increased the number of patients using the Electronic Prescription Service

  • We request that repeat prescriptions are submitted with 48 hours notice

  • If you submit your prescription today, there is a notice at reception that informs you when it will be ready for collection

  • We use the Electronic Prescription Service, so we can send your prescription directly to your pharmacist. Please arrange this service with them. 

  • We have Online Access that allows you to submit and check the progress of the repeat prescription at any time day or night

"Why do the receptionists keeps asking me about the reason for my appointment?"
  • The reception staff would like to direct you to the most appropriate clinician.

  • We have many types of clinicians so providing information allows the reception staff to direct you to the most appropriate clinician; such as a nurse for long term conditions, a midwife for a pregnancy, the doctor for cancer review and the phlebotomist for a blood sample

  • You do not need to give a reason to get an appointment

  • We have added additional service providers such as IAPT and NHS Federation Healthchecks.

  • Sutton CCG has also added self referral services such as Wellbeing, Diabetic Education, and MSK clinics that do not need a doctors referral. Our receptionist can signpost patients to these.


“I'm busy and only have the evenings and weekends free for appointments


  • We have 2 Sutton Hubs that offer GP and nurse appointments form 6:30pm - 8pm on weekdays and 8am to 8pm on weekends. Our reception staff can book these appointments for patients that are unable to visit the surgery during our opening hours.


 "Why do you keep sending me reminders to come in for reviews or blood tests


  • We take our part in looking after our patients seriously. We call patients in for reviews and blood tests to check how they are managing their conditions and ensuring the medicine they take is appropriate. We will continue to call patients in for review until they attend. It's our way of wanting to look after you. Please attend your reviews when invited.